Arlen's famous quotes

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"You are never too far ahead to lose and never too far behind to win."

"If you can get people to laugh, you can get people to listen."

"I'm ordinarily pretty correct in what I say."

"I don't like labels. I think they conceal more than they reveal, sort of like a bikini."

"Never let your face show how hard your ass is getting kicked."

“It is with unwelcome frequency that I find myself the deciding vote.”

“It's a rarity when someone takes a political risk in Washington today in the public interest.”

“There is no higher value in our society than integrity.”

"The higher the monkey climbs the flagpole, the more his rear end is showing."

“It costs about $27 million to win a seat in the United States Senate, so when you win one, you like to sit down.”

"it's great to be an american."

"I used to say that squash was the most important thing I do every day. Now I say that squash is the only important thing i do every day."

“Look, the president can discharge all 93 U.S. attorneys for no reason at all, but not for a bad reason.”

“The fundamental purpose of government is to protect its citizens.”

“My mother, Lillie Specter, was an angel and totally uninterested in politics.”

“If Romney wants to make me responsible for ObamaCare, I've said I would be proud to be responsible for it.”

“My definition of winning at squash is playing and surviving, and I've never lost a match.”

“It's inspirational to see someone who is dying smile.”

“Big money is ruining the political system.”

“I am very much opposed to abortion personally. But I don't think it is the government's role.”

“The essence of a democracy is a free electorate.”

“The First Amendment freedom of religion is as important today as when the Bill of Rights was first written.”

“We don't need holy wars. What we need is tolerance and  brotherhood and simple humanity.”

“Beating the tea party gang is more important than who does the beating.”

“My tenure in the Senate was really as an independent, regardless of party label.”

“'Never give in' was my mindset.”

“The American people do not care which Party solves the problems confronting our nation.”

“The best way to reduce the cost of medical care is to reduce the illness.”

“Whatever my party affiliation, I will continue to be guided by President Kennedy's statement that sometimes party asks        too much.”

“Voting is fundamental in our democracy. It has yielded enormous returns.”

“You know, a statesman is a dead politician." 

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